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We combine strecthing and acupressure techniques to induce an overall balancing effect on your entire body

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Offering The Finest Thai Spa Treatments

Natthanan's Thai Spa invites you to come and enjoy a relaxing and revitalising day at our spa. We offer Authentic Thai Spa treatments in a serene professional and friendly therapists

“Body and mind are connected together. The balancing between both of them is the foundation of  Life Happiness”

About Thai Treatments

The History

Traditional Thai medicine is a natural, holistic approach to health and well-being, developed over thousands of years, which includes proper nutrition, physical exercise, the use of medicinal herbs and therapeutic massage. Traditional Thai medicine is not only concerned with curing diseases and ailments: its primary goal is maintaining health and well-being, as ancient Thais believed that “the absence of illness is the best blessing”. The medical knowledge developed by Thai people through many generations has come to be known as the ancient wisdom of Thailand.

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